Sunday, December 29, 2013

Windows 2008 R2 Core

I have been working on this OS for quite some time now.This has been one of the most strange windows OS that i have seen. No UI available complete command line, looks like working on a UNIX box.
Has been challenging, but i do like challenges.I started the first thing on this was porting our existing product on this, product just went for failure all of a sudden, installation failed, looked as if gonna be quite difficult to get through this situation.started debugging the same then found that product installer failing for some of the WMI Calls not getting through.Then just started looking in to it with some more debug statements, then found that WMI calls not getting created a sample to identify the issue, then gotta know that WMI calls do not get through on through an msi on windows 2008 R2 Core, due to some design changes.
Then created the whole package again, so that even if it fails for these calls it should go through.
Finally re-created the package and got it delievered, customers were pretty happy after the release.
Felt quite good.
Recently i observed some more strange things regarding this OS normally when we change the value of the PATH environment variable it reflects when we open the new command prompt.
But in this case we need kill the task manager & open it again and then open a new command prompt then the updated path gets reflected.

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